The Alberta Foundation for the Arts creates several, yearly publications that provide information on the AFA’s operations, vision, accomplishments and financial information.

Annual Reports
At the end of each fiscal year the AFA provides reports detailing the AFA’s yearly operations.

Arts Impact : Ripple Effects from the Arts Sector 
Arts Impact: Ripple Effects from the Arts Sector demonstrates the positive and powerful contributions arts organizations make to Albertans’ quality of life. These contributions are reflected in a variety of important ways: simply put, the arts matter to Albertans; the arts matter to volunteers; and, the arts matter to the economy. 

AFA Year-In-Review
The AFA Year-in-Review profiles some of Alberta’s highly successful grant recipients of the past year. Find out which artists, art organizations and festivals are shaping Alberta’s art and cultural scene

AFA Report to the Community
The AFA’s Report to the Community provides details on grants awarded during the most recently completed fiscal year. This report presents financial details on grants awarded to arts organizations, individual artists and community groups within the cultural industries. Find out how the AFA is helping to shape Alberta’s art and cultural scene with information on specific grant recipients and provincial constituencies.

Mapping the Arts & Health_
Mapping the Arts & Health is an inventory of arts and health initiatives and resources in Alberta. This inventory is intended to provide information to enable effective networking among organizations, institutions and practitioners working in arts and health. It is also a resource that demonstrates the varied ways the arts are being used in health and wellness. The activities outlined in this inventory form the basis to tell the story of how the arts have a critical role to play in health.

AFA Program Evaluation Final Report _ The Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) Program Evaluation was a three-year project from 2006-2009 initiated to identify ways in which the AFA can most effectively support the growth and development in the arts. The AFA Program Evaluation Final Report includes recommendations from the Program Evaluation Steering Committee following a thorough process involving client consultations, research, an internal process audit, and an overview of existing policy.

Thinking About the Arts Recommended Resources_
Thinking About the Arts: Recommended Resources is a listing of starting points for dialogue, strategic thinking, and capacity building around the arts in organizations and communities in Alberta. Most of the resources listed have been published within the last five years by arts communities in Alberta, Canada and other English speaking regions.