Grant FAQs

How Do I Get An Application Form?

We offer the Individual Artists Project Grants for individual artists,and Organization Project and Operational Grants online 24/7 in PDF format. Click and select Application in your chosen grant category to access, download, and save our application forms when you need them.

How Much Money Is Available?

The AFA's annual budget is determined by the provincial government and provided through the Alberta Lottery Fund.

We receive around 2,200 applications annually, of which approximately 1,400 receive funding.

The amount of funds available for specific grants varies from year to year according to the priorities of the AFA Board. Contact the Arts Branch staff for budget information for specific grants.

How Should I Prepare My Application? What If I Have Questions?

Check the grant's application deadline to ensure it fits your project timelines. Then, complete the Application Form and provide all the required information and materials listed under Application Requirements in the grant's Guidelines. All written information submitted with your application must be accurate and legible. It should also be concise and specific. Use the enclosed checklist to ensure your application is complete. Give yourself plenty of time. If you need help, contact our Arts Branch staff for further assistance.

How Are Grants Assessed?

Most of the AFA's grants are awarded in one of two ways, either through a competitive expert panel process or through formula calculation (e.g., successful applicants are eligible for a grant of X% of Y costs to a maximum of $Z).

Who Selects The Expert Panel?

Expert panel members are suggested to the AFA through a formal public nomination process. Any Albertan can nominate qualified jurors.

Expert panels are assembled as needed by Arts Branch staff. Expert panel members bring wide and varied experience to their decisions. Each expert panel member is composed with this in mind. Discipline experience, gender, and geographical representation are considered to create balance.

How Is An Application Assessed?

For expert panel assessed grant applications, award recommendations are based on four main factors: merit, impact, budget, and the applicant's ability to implement the proposed project or program. The expert panel's recommendations are forwarded to the AFA Board for review and approval, after which grants are issued to successful applicants. Application contents and results are kept confidential. Expert panel members are required to declare any conflict of interest and withdraw from adjudicating the application(s) in question.

How Long Until I Know The Outcome Of My Application?

Response time may vary depending on the type of grant; however, applicants generally receive the outcome of their applications within approximately four-six months of the grant deadline.

Can I Get Feedback On My Application After The Grants Have Been Awarded?

Feedback about specific applications is not available due to the sheer volume of applications per intake. General comments about the larger application sample for each grant stream are gathered by Department staff and made available to applicants. No specific comments about individual applications are recorded or made available to applicants. 

If I Am Unsuccessful, Can I Re-Apply With The Same Project To The Next Deadline?

Yes. If you do re-apply, a different expert panel will adjudicate your application. However, there is no guarantee of success. If you were unsuccessful with your initial application, we encourage you to seek consultative assistance from our Arts Branch staff to discuss what you can do to improve your next application.

What Are The Tax Implications For Individual Project Grant Recipients?

We strongly advise that you use the following information as a general guideline only and consult with your own accountant or tax advisor regarding your specific circumstances.

Individuals are required to report grants received as "other income" on their annual tax return. However, grants are generally exempt from taxable income and the grant recipient is eligible to claim expenses against grants received. Information on how to report your grant can be found through the Canadian Revenue Agency.