Healthy Agency Toolkit

The AFA encourages arts organizations to balance good governance practices and fiscal responsibility while maintaining their artistic mandate.

The Healthy Agencies Toolkit is an ongoing initiative to help arts organizations maintain and increase their capacity in governance, financial accountability, and strategic planning.

Common Financial Form
These started appearing in AFA applications for organizational clients in the 2006-07 year. This form is part of provincial and national initiatives to streamline and standardize the kind of financial information arts organizations must provide to funders.

Common Financial Form _

Governance Statements
Here are the statements as they will appear in all AFA operating grant applications starting in September 2007

Sample Governance Forms _

Self-Teaching Resources on Governance
This is a detailed walkthrough of the governance statements and underlying considerations for all arts organizations

Governance Principles Introduction _
Governance Self-Teaching Presentation _
Overview Governance Principles
Governance Principles Self Teaching

Fair Notice Policy

To assist in the support of fiscal responsibility, the Fair Notice policy outlines a system of assessment that benefits all arts organizations. This system includes planning for the future and meeting reporting requirements

Fair Notice Policy _