Art placement programs help fulfill our commitment to make the AFA collection accessible to Albertans. Essentially, we facilitate the display of artworks from the collection in public to foster public enjoyment of Alberta artwork.

Art placement programs differ from exhibition loans as the artwork is displayed in public spaces, rather than gallery settings, in relatively long-term arrangements.

There are two categories of eligible recipients for art placement: Legislative Assembly and Deputy Ministers, and government and non-profit organizations.

Legislative Assembly and Deputy Ministers

The Legislative Assembly art placement program is a cooperative partnership between the Legislative Assembly, Alberta Infrastructure and Alberta Arts, Culture and Status of Women through the AFA. The partnership provides an opportunity to showcase outstanding artworks by Alberta artists from the collection in high profile locations.

Government and non-profit organizations

This program places artwork in public places within government and non-profit organization facilities, provided the facility is appropriate in terms of its public profile, public accessibility, security, environmental conditions and pending other pertinent criteria, such as staff resources and availability.