The AFA believes in the full and equal participation of all citizens, and intends to apply this belief to its policies and programs in two distinct ways: in the arts and through the arts.

Read the AFA's Pluralism arts policy

What is Pluralism?

The Global Centre for Pluralism defines pluralism as recognizing, respecting, and valuing difference. The AFA has developed its Pluralism arts policy based on this definition.

What does the policy do?

In this policy, pluralism is considered as an overarching philosophy that encompasses issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility. It articulates the key role of pluralism as a driver of dialogue, sense of belonging, trust, and innovation in Alberta.

The policy is intended to be a cornerstone for all decision making for the AFA, and includes broad descriptions on how to apply a pluralism lens to ongoing management and development of the main areas of AFA business: grants/funding programs, the AFA Art Collection, and research and engagement activities.

How will the AFA implement the policy?

In June 2021, the AFA sought expressions of interest from qualified organizations or individuals for a consultancy contract to analyze, research, report and make recommendations on the implementation of its Pluralism policy. The AFA has announced the successful bid: Parodos Social Marketing. 

Recommendations for implementation actions will be approved by the AFA board and/or the AFA Research and Engagement Committee. The AFA will communicate to its clients and stakeholders the impacts of any recommended changes to programs and services. 

What's New?

Watch this space to learn about new initiatives and/or any changes to AFA programs and services.

August 2021

The AFA has announced the successful bid to make recommendations to implement its Pluralism arts policy: Parodos Social Marketing.