Artwork loans

How the AFA shares artwork locally and abroad by working with our partners to exhibit, tour and place work in public spaces.

With an incredible 20-25% of our collection in public circulation in any given year, the AFA is proud share our treasure of artworks through exhibition loans, extended loans, touring and art placement programs.

Exhibition loans

To promote the work of Alberta artists and build greater awareness of the AFA collection, we frequently loan artwork to bona fide cultural institutions for public exhibition.

Extended loans

An extended loan is a long-term loan of an artwork from the AFA Art Collection to an external client. Extended loan projects are generally (but not always) site specific, large-scale artworks that require special infrastructure or arrangements. 

Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX)

The AFA's Travelling Exhibition (TREX) program strives to ensure every Albertan is provided with an opportunity to enjoy fully developed exhibitions in schools, libraries, health care centres and smaller rural institutions and galleries throughout the province.


Art placement programs help fulfill our commitment to make the AFA collection accessible to Albertans. Essentially, we facilitate the display of artworks from the collection in public to foster public enjoyment of Alberta artwork.