Alberta's Future Leaders

The Alberta’s Future Leaders (AFL) program collaborates with Indigenous communities in Alberta to provide a multi-summer youth program. Youth are engaged through sport, arts, recreation, leadership and cultural activities facilitated by mentors living and working in the community. Host communities invite AFL mentor to learn about their culture and history and to facilitate meaningful, positive experiences for youth.  


    How the AFA supports AFL

    The AFA provides arts programming to First Nation and Métis communities through the AFL program.

    Our AFL Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the arts portion of the AFL programming. This includes ensuring that mentors with artistic skills and training are considered, hiring Indigenous artists to lead workshops and planning Leadership through the Arts Week. 

    Annual recruitment for AFL Mentors takes place each spring.

    Artist workshops

    An integral component of the AFA arts programming is contracting Indigenous artists to offer workshops in communities.

    The Indigenous artists hired are important role models for Indigenous youth. They inspire confidence, skill building and an appreciation for the arts. 

    Read more about AFL's impact on Alberta indigenous youth.

    Who else is involved?

    The AFL program is a three-way partnership between the AFA, Alberta Sport Connection (ASC) and host communities. The AFL Provincial Support Committee oversees the AFL program and provides input into the program's direction. Membership includes representation from: 

    • Alberta Sport Connection
    • Alberta Foundation for the Arts
    • An elder from an Alberta First Nation or Métis community
    • Other representatives from Alberta First Nation or Métis communities
    • Indigenous Relations and other Government of Alberta ministries
    • Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Learn more on the AFL program page on the Alberta Sport Connection website.